Colon Cancer Sucks Ass

Thursday, November 03, 2005

All Systems a Go

After almost 3 months of waiting, I am finally going to be moving forward with treatment. I will be going back in to see my oncologist on Monday afternoon. I’ll have to have some tests run to see if I qualify for the clinical trial. I also have to have the port implanted and then I should be starting chemotherapy. I’m assuming that it will be in the next couple of weeks. I’m not looking forward to this at all, but in some ways it is a relief to have the waiting over. On the other hand, it has been really easy to pretend that I’m fine. It’s going to be a lot harder now.

I went to the Wellness Community (TWC) in West Los Angeles on Tuesday night for a newcomer’s meeting. My roommate Jim was nice enough to go with me. Now that chemotherapy is so close to becoming my reality, I decided that I need to see what kind of support is available. I was really impressed with TWC. They have a really nice space and offer a lot of activities including Tai Chi and yoga. All of their services are free of charge. There is a group for young adults with cancer that I would like to attend.


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