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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blood, Catheters and CT Scans

I finally saw my oncologist yesterday. It was another long appointment which really surprised me. I thought that I would be in and out since we had already gone over my treatment options the last time. The oncology office was really busy. My appointment was at 2pm, but I didn’t actually see the doctor until after 3pm. I knew when I made the appointment that they were just fitting me in – there was no appointment available today, but I had already been waiting so long to get started.

The doctor briefly reviewed my diagnosis and the treatment option I had chosen. We also talked more about the clinical trial and he paged the study coordinator. I signed the paperwork so I could start screening to see if I qualify. Unfortunately, all my scans are now too old so I will have to have them all redone. It’s not a huge deal though. I needed a CT scan for my lungs anyway so they’ll just add on the abdomen and pelvis. I also have to have new blood-work done. It has been almost two months since anyone tried to take some of my blood. I was beginning to get used to not looking like a heroin addict. Speaking of needles, they will also be putting in my port-catheter sometime in the next week or so. This will be used for all of my treatments and all future blood samples will be drawn from there. There will be no digging for veins in order to get IVs hooked up!!!

The study coordinator nurse is setting up all of these tests. She is going to call me once they are scheduled. I am hoping to hear from her tomorrow – actually I was hoping to hear from her today. I will be starting chemo as soon as I get through all these tests and procedures. My doctor is hoping for some time next week.


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