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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Let the Countdown Begin!

I finally have a start date for my chemotherapy. I will begin treatments on Monday, December 5th. When I initially found out that I wouldn’t be able to start until then, I was not happy – at the time, it was almost four weeks away. I still wish that I could get started sooner, but in a lot of ways waiting until December works out best. The reason for the delay is that the first available appointment for my CT scans is not until November 23rd. Starting the following Monday was an option, but it would put my third treatment in the week between Christmas and New Years. The clinic is only open two days that week and I was hoping to go home for the holidays.

Now I have a lot of fun stuff scheduled for the next couple of weeks. On Tuesday afternoon (11/15) I am having surgery to get the porto-catheter implanted. Friday (11/18), I have another follow-up appointment with my surgeon to take a look at the still-not-completely-healed incision from my surgery in August. Wednesday (11/23), I have the aforementioned CT scans – I can’t wait to drink that yummy yummy contrast again!! Monday (11/28), I have the final screening for the clinical trial which includes more blood tests and an EKG. Then the following Monday I will start chemo.

In between all of these appointments, I am going to try to squeeze in some fun. I need to take advantage of feeling normal before the chemo fatigue starts. I’m going to make a list tomorrow of everything that I want to do before I start treatments. That will give me three weeks to accomplish it all.


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