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Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Rememberance...

Christy passed a year ago today, and her brother sent out this lovely message to the followers of Christy's Facebook page, "We Support Christine Niemi & We Want to Kick Colorectal Cancer's Butt" (feel free to check it out -- it's still there):

"The last four years have been a tough journey for Christy. When Christy was faced with the toughest road someone can travel, she accepted the challenge head on and decided to make a difference. There is no doubt in our minds that she touched more people than she will ever know.

A quote from Christy that will allows stay in my mind came when she was diagnosed. She said, "I may not have control over what happens in my life, by I do have control over my attitude." Christy lived this statement every day for the last four years. Her approach to life and strong will has touched the hearts of many.

It is with great sadness, but true admiration, that at 7:45 this morning, Christine Niemi passed away. Please keep Christy in your prayers and never forget what she has taught us all.

One request Christy would have is to keep fighting to make people aware of Colorectal Cancer. This became her passion over the last few years. Now it is up to us to pick up where she left off and continue making a difference.

Thank you all from her family for your thoughts, prayers and wonderful comments. It is a true comfort to know how many people truly love Christy.

A donation page has been set up on Christine Niemi's behalf on the Colorectal Cancer Coalition's website. Please see the link listed below or click here:

Thanks for all of your wonderful support."

~Jason Niemi


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