Colon Cancer Sucks Ass

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"It Hurts When I Do This." "Well, Don't Do It Then!"

I have a medical alert card that I am supposed to keep with me. It contains all of the information about my new portocatheter. It’s not the kind of thing I ever thought I’d have at this point in my life.

The catheter was implanted on Tuesday. It was a very simple surgical procedure. I was nervous, but kept reminding myself that I was practically sawed in half three months ago – this would be nothing. They didn’t use general anesthesia, it was something lighter. I was concerned that I would be too aware of what was going on. I had spoken to another cancer patient earlier who was awake when she had hers done. I didn’t need to be worried though – I was out. The last thing I remember was them giving me oxygen. When I woke up, it was all done!

I have been really sore the last couple of days. They have me taking Vicodin for the pain which I wish I didn’t have to do. It makes me so tired and I walk around in a total fog. My poor roommates have to deal with how moody it makes me and I’m even more stir crazy than usual because I can’t drive. I’m really hoping that I will only have to take it a couple more days.

Tomorrow I can remove the dressing so I’ll get to see the port. I’ll also get to see how big the incision is. I’m very curious since this scar is more visible than the huge scar down the middle of my stomach. Hmmm… a few months ago I was basically scar-free!!


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