Colon Cancer Sucks Ass

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Consultations, More Doctors and Possible Surgery, Oh My!

Last Monday I had met with Dr W to discuss my latest CT scan results (and then get injected with another chemo treatment). He went over the report with me which it turns out, I had deciphered rather well. There are three tumors in my liver, one swollen lymph node next to my IVC (look it up), and one spot at the surgery site where the two ends of my colon were reconnected. I brought up the possibility of a liver resection and Dr W thinks that it is worthwhile at this point for me to have a consultation with a liver surgeon. He gave me a referral to a well-known liver surgeon, Dr B. I will be calling tomorrow to see when I can get an appointment with him. I also have to get preapproval from Medi-cal for the consult. If the resection is doable, I need to see Dr C (my original surgeon) about the spot at the old surgery site. I may need to have a second colon resection done to get rid of it. Hopefully, they could do them both at the same time and save me from having two MAJOR surgeries. We'll see.

I also had a difficult time getting my anti-nausea meds for my post-chemo regime this time. I'll go into the detail later because it's late and I'm exhausted after an amazing horseback riding adventure which I'll also detail later.

I've been thinking that what would really make me feel better and make this situation easier to bear would be a trip to France. I could tour wine country for a couple of weeks which means I'd have to bring my roommate R since he's working to become a certified sommelier. Oh, and if R is coming, I should probably bring J as well. Now I just have to find someone to sponsor the trip... hmmmmmm.


  • At 8:20 AM, Blogger Christy said…

    Is your colon cancer considered genetic? Mine was, because I developed it at such an early age, and of course, my mom having it and passing of it 8 years ago-runs rampet in her family. Anyways, I only had one sessile polyp in my colon when I was diagnosed, when I had went to see my surgeon, he was a colon and rectal surgeon specialist, he recommeded a colectomy-where they take the entire large intestine, some doctors can do this without having to leave you with a colostomy bag, my doc was able to, so I opted for it, especially because of my family history. This would prevent it from coming back in the colon and producing mets to other places. The genetist seems to think I have HNPCC, not FAP. It's a big surgery, but I am glad I had it done.
    Also-I just started chemo yesterday, my first treatment, I am on 5FU, oxaliplation and leucovorin and boy does it make me drained and nauseous. I am going to try another nausea medicine today, hopefully that will help.
    Good luck with the liver surgeon consultation and on battling your nausea.

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger ;phil; said…

    Hey there, I found your blog while surfing. I have stage IV colon cancer. Mine wasn't genetic nor did I have any signs. I caught it by chance. Have you been on Avastin or Erbitux at all. I'm on Erbitux now and it's been working well. I did FOLFOX / Avastin too. I had a liver resection (removed 60%) and had a hepatic pump installed. Hang in there, don't give up.
    Oh yeah, cancer sucks big time

  • At 12:10 PM, Blogger Christine said…

    I haven't had any genetic testing done to confirm that mine is not genetic, but there is no family history. I am really the first in the family (other than a distant cousin).

    Good luck with your chemo. I had the same (with Avastin) and the first couple of sessions were really hard, but it did get easier after that.


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