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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Available By Email

I originally started this blog to keep family and friends updated about my treatments and tests. I hadn't intended for it to spread beyond that, but it did. I grateful for that because it has given me the opportunity to reach out to other people in situations similar to my own. I enjoy having this blog and would like to continue with it, but I can't guarantee that I'll post every day (except in the month of November, but that's a topic for another post).

About once a week, I either get an email asking me if I'm doing okay because I haven't posted or a friend or relative mentions that I haven't update my blog - this usually includes a mention that they check it daily. I know that I didn't post much over the summer (I did spend 32 days in the hospital) and my posts this fall have been sporadic. The good news is that you don't have to check for updates daily. I have a subscription service that will email you my posts. All you have to do is sign up by entering your email address in the box on the right and make sure that you can receive emails from (this is my personal account). You'll have to confirm your subscription and you can do so when receive an email with the following text from

You recently requested an email subscription to The Latest from Colon Cancer Sucks Ass. We can't wait to send the updates you want via email, so please click the following link to activate your subscription immediately:

As soon as your subscription is active, FeedBurner will send a daily email
message if The Latest from Colon Cancer Sucks Ass has new content.

If you did not request this subscription, or no longer wish to activate it, take
no action. Simply delete this message and that will be the end of it.

Posts are emailed the day after they are posted. To those of you who already have subscriptions: I moved my blog over to the blogger beta site yesterday and that is why you received an email with a bunch of posts. To those who have signed up, but never confirmed membership, I will email you once I've deleted your subscription and you'll need to sign up again.

Feel free to keep checking the site for updates if you'd rather not receive them by email.

Thought For The Day (because I couldn't find a good post about it):
Is Fergie singlehandedly hurting the feminist cause (and cracking the already damaged self-esteem of adolescent girls) with songs like "My Humps", "London Bridge", and "Fergalicious"?


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