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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Second Parially List-y Update

Okay, I forgot a couple of things in the last list. Oops.

1. I had a CT scan before Christmas. The results were great. There was no detectable disease. The only abnormality was one slightly swollen lymph node which could likely be due to infection (I still had a severe rash at the time of the scan).

2. I've decide to sell some of my books and clear out the DVDs that are still left from the October 2005 benefits. All of them are listed here (my seller name is "chelenan". If you are interested, you can purchase them through or let me know and we can work something out.

3. I missed my determatology appointment two weeks ago (thank you LA traffic) and finally got in to see the doctor today. He was very happy with the progress we've made with my rash, but wants me to go back on tetracycline for a few months to get things completely cleared up. He also gave me samples of a benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin gel that my insurance won't cover. I'm very hopeful that this will clear up the remaining redness.

I'm working to organize all of my files and medical paperwork before I start classes next week. It stresses me out to have that stack of stuff just sitting there so that will be my focus for the next few days - at least until Superbowl Sunday since anyone who knows me knows how psyched I am for the game. (Ha ha!)

Finally, I want to wish a belated, but very happy birthday to my good friend Desiree! Sorry I missed it, but I hope it was great!


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