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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Reconnected To The World

My broadband connection is finally fixed!!! I feel like I have managed to accomplish so much since it started working this afternoon. There were so many little things that I wanted to get done, but I did not have the access that I needed.

I planned to write more today since I can finally post in a timely manner, but then I got sidetracked after posting all of my saved posts. Now it is almost time for bed and I have not written yet. Oops!

I am almost done with my grad school application. I just have to finish revisions on my statement of purpose once I get my feedback. It should be done soon and then I can drop off all of the supplemental materials. Yea!

While I am off to bed. Good night!


  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Sephiroth said…

    Just thought I'd say hi as I'm trying to visit and comment on as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can. :)

    Good luck with getting accepted! :)

  • At 8:17 AM, Blogger VPMM2J said…

    I certainly admire you, with all that you have gone through, as well as what you are trying to accomplish. Good luck, and I will certainly keep an eye on your posts.

  • At 4:11 PM, Anonymous out of the loop said…

    Hey! just wanted to say I found you through nablopomo and I've loved reading your blog. Hope you arne't disconnected again, and that for whatever reason we haven't heard from you for a few days, it gets resolved.


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