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Monday, November 28, 2005

I Am Not an Early Riser

I had the last of my screening tests for the clinical trial done this morning. I should find out in a couple of days if I qualify. They’re pretty sure that I will barring any unforeseen results from the blood tests. I will also find out if I’m going to receive the experimental drug. Fortunately, this is not a blind study. Whether I am chosen to receive it or not and whether I qualify for the study or not, I will be starting chemo in a week. I have to report to the oncology clinic at 7:30am on Monday. You know, it’s frustrating enough that I have to have chemo treatments, but to have to get up early for them. That’s just ridiculous!!!


  • At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Mandy N. said…

    Reading this now, in 2010, I know 2things: 1)You received the placebo in the study. 2)About 2 years later, that drug (Erbutox--spelling?) was actually available for treatment, and you were placed on it! Aside from its horrible rash, they said it worked well at shrinking your liver tumors. The message? There is always hope in progress.


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